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Well friends, I am perplexed. If Q was a Deep State Operation Trust-style operation, why would they train a class of citizenry that is so woke on the Deep State and media. Why would they redpill normies on elite pedo rings by arresting Maxwell and Epstein? If the Deep State was running the Q operation, you would think they would cultivate a class of angry, violent conservatives that fit their narrative of evil white supremacist nazis. Q talked about peace and love and light and having faith in God and the good of humanity, totally the opposite of what the Deep State wants to promote.

I am perplexed that Trump would not take decisive action when he knew the election was stolen and that turning the country back over to the Deep State would mean a grim fate indeed for his supporters and for humanity in general. Perhaps this is truly is all a movie, it would explain why punches were pulled against Trump in the impeachment and Russia investigations with no fraudulent or Deep Fake criminal evidence being produced against him.

Perhaps there are scenes yet to play that will turn in our favor or perhaps we are destined to be thrown into FEMA camps. Ultimately, I am tired of this world and would at least find a FEMA camp to be an exciting change of pace.

In the end, all we can do is pray that one day the world might get better and to continue to fight for the light and for kindness in our day to day lives. But for politics, well, I have been fighting this fight since Halloween 2017 and I am tired. I am going to take a break from politics for a while. I want to thank all of this community for always being so chill and awesome. It was a big community and yet you hardly ever saw drama or sniping or anything like that, which is pretty unheard of. I love all of you. I especially want to thank my favorite friends @Nea, @John316Patriot, @hisnamewasourguy, @MooseJive and of course @NeonRevolt.

The Coming Political Reset Starts to Take Form

I was pretty pissed off about Jim Jordan’s “If you want a stimulus, go get a job you lazy bums” tweet yesterday, as many of you know I am a former leftist, and that tweet just triggered a deep burning rage within me. All of a sudden, I was back to my Occupy Wall Street days. Is this really what the Great Awakening is going to be about? Telling people to beg for soul-crushing jobs from Deep State corporations? Is aspiring to be a wagie for Globohomo Inc the great ideal of this movement? Is working in a cubicle, pushing papers for 40 years the great purpose for humanity that will be revealed through the overthrow of the New World Order?

But looking back on things with some more clarity, I can see the outline of the plan that is starting to form. In short, that comment was MEANT to piss people off because we are building toward a total political reset that involves large numbers of people on BOTH SIDES of the aisle being arrested or at least forced to resign. There are likely to be SOME surprising names of people that are traditionally liked in our community and right now the plan is trying to get as much widespread support as possible. As Q always tells us, you can’t just tell people, you have to SHOW them, and recent events have made the complete corruption of our government clear to see for all.

For both sides, we have just unbelievable incompetence on the issue of stimulus. If you talk to any normie, they are furious about this. People are HURTING at a level that might even exceed the Great Depression. Their businesses are shutting down, they are about to get evicted, they have no money for Christmas presents, they are just in total despair. But they see both sides squabbling over ridiculous bullshit. Republicans don’t want the stimulus checks in the bill, even though they had already been cut in half to just $600 because of “muh deficit”. Of course they don’t mind the parts of the bill that will benefit their pet corporations and they almost unanimously supported the bill several days ago that gave literally 3.3 billion dollars to Israel. Not a soul made a peep about the defecit then. But anything that actually helps the lowly plebs? Perish the thought. The only two Republicans to fight for us have been Trump and Josh Hawley. And for the Democrats, they refused to pass a bill for MONTHS just because it would help Trump and only now are passing it because they mistakenly think he has already lost and are loading it with all kinds of ridiculous pork and pet projects. You don’t see anyone on the left other than Bernie and AOC fighting for stimulus checks either. Say what you will about those two, but they have been more in line with normie sentiment than most people in either party on this specific issue.

Republicans specifically have seen the complete corruption of the Republican Party and calls for an all new party to form have been deafening. They have seen the complete compromise of the DOJ, the FBI, and the Supreme Court. They have seen Republican governors become compromised by Chinese money. They have seen their favorite TV networks and personalities turn on them. My MAGA-normie friend at work has just been so depressed. Normally whenever you talk to him about politics he gets so wound up I have to tell him to quiet down a little bit. But he has just seemed so beat down and defeated. It is like that caller in to Rush Limbaugh on the brink of tears who thought that the only two people that the American people had left were Trump and Rush. The sheer level of disgust and despair that both normie Republicans and anons have started to feel toward the Republican party has been a marvel.

Of course, here in the Q community, we know all of this well. But you might not know that the left has begun going through a very similar experience. Jimmy Dore and others have been CONSTANTLY hitting up AOC and other progressives to call for either a vote on Medicare for All or for Nancy Pelosi to be removed from her leadership position, and they are totally ignoring them. The left’s great hope, Joe Biden, has continually disappointed them, appointing never-ending corporate establishment Democrats to all his cabinet positions. Biden had a zoom call with several prominent black leaders and was frequently condescending and rude and is absolutely ghosting BLM. There was a “StopTheLeftPurge” hashtag trending a while back as twitter was no longer content just banning conservatives but anti-corporate progressives as well. There has even been some people on the left getting sick of some of the more destructive stuff the Deep State has been pushing, for example I was very surprised to get these messages from a liberal that I am close to. She has also been talking about her skepticism and concern over the vaccine.

In short, people are just completely sick of it all right now. Both on the right and left, people are just done. My same liberal friend was saying yesterday she wants everyone on both sides kicked out and didn’t even seem to seem to protest when I mentioned that Trump was one of the only ones fighting for us. Right now, Trump is looking like a million bucks compared to the rest of Washington. The Plan is creating a total resentment and disillusionment with the entire political establishment, so when Trump crosses the Rubicon, the protests will be greatly ameliorated, and in fact there will be millions of people, even some on the left, begging for him to do it. It is at moments like this that I really marvel at the plan’s genius. As Lin Wood told us, 2020 is the year of gaining 20/20 vision. So if you are angry, frustrated, depressed or just catatonic from the state of the world these days, just know that its by design. Hold the line patriot, better days are coming.

I recently crossed the 4k follower mark on Gab, and somehow I’m already up to 4.4k. It is nuts! Thank you all so much. I will, as always, see you on Neon’s little slice of heaven.

A Third World War?

I had something occur to me the first time tonight after reading that Hal Turner article going around, the 4chan post on Neon’s wall talking about naval deployments and an extremely well-written article on the Marshall Report. It finally occurred to me that there’s actually a real chance of World War III.

With the rumor that the Democrats will ask for a UN intervention when Trump wins, that Canada has Chinese troops stationed and that Trudeau said he would invade if Trump “stole” the election, with the aggressive naval movements of China and our own defensive ones, the strange “fighter” crash that for some reason had live ordinance up in Michigan, this thing really could go kinetic. It isn’t the most likely outcome, but it is possible.

There certainly would be very few things that would do a better job of unifying our nation than an actual physical invasion by hostile forces. Just imagining how it would play out is really an interesting thought experiment. Who would be on our side? Would Europe join the UN against us? I think it might. Here is a pure fantasy imagining of one possible scenario, not meant to be a serious prediction. I hope you enjoy!

Immediately after Kamala Harris declares Trump’s victory illegitimate and asks for the United Nations to intervene to “save American democracy” and “protect vulnerable minority and LGBT populations”, UN Troops would seize New York city, with help from Andrew Cuomo and declare the creation of the Manhattan Commune. The EU declares NATO invalid until America’s “illegitimate leadership” is removed and airlifts troops and equipment to support the UN force.

On the West Coast, with help from local mayors and city officials, the cities of San Francisco and Portland declare their independence from the Union, giving birth to the American People’s Republic and the Portland Autonomous Zone. The APR as it came to be known had designs on legitimately unifying all of America under a Communist regime built around the Chinese model and had received extensive clandestine Chinese funding for this exactly this moment. It only managed to convince San Francisco and its surrounding metro area to join. The San Jose city council voted to join but they were soon placed under citizen’s arrest for treason by a militia of local patriots. The anarchists in the Portland Autonomous Zone had no such grand designs of unifying the country, they only wanted to secure their hold over the city, which was far from complete. There would be movements to create autonomous zones or to join the APR in other cities but they would be quickly snuffed out by either local patriots or law enforcement/National Guard.

After the UN Intervention is declared, the entire Chinese navy begins bearing down on the ships we have on the West Coast. With our navy spread thin, the Chinese believed a single concentrated blow and decisive victory would crush the resolve of an America gripped by civil unrest. A pitched battle would ensue, worthy of Jutland, the Chinese would debut impressive missile technology but the USN would counter with advanced anti-missile technology that we developed in the secret space program. Our outnumbered ships would be losing ground and reinforcements would be hours away, but then, out of nowhere, the Russian Pacific fleet appears and launches a surprise attack against the Chinese. The combined US-Russian forces rout China’s surface fleet. To the shock of everyone, Russia’s aid would lead to a long-term friendship between the American and Russian people. Many memorable threads are made on 4chan documenting the naval battle, and in the aftermath there is a feeling that American and Russian posters are now eternal bros, alone against the world, fighting the greatest evil humanity has ever known.

In the war to unify the Union, Portland fell the quickest by far, it only lasted a few days before American troops mobilized by the Insurrection Act showed up. And after an almost entirely bloodless standoff, the ANTIFA rebels surrendered in the face of troops equipped with armored vehicles and an unwillingness to allow them to continue as previous law enforcement had. A small contingent of diehard members holed in what they called the “Red House” and would refuse to surrender. After a final standoff and two ANTIFA members getting wounded, America had fully reclaimed the city. The Portland Autonomous Zone’s short, disastrous existence mostly consisted of its leadership bickering over arcane leftist dogma and what proper “representation” levels for various minorities should be. One member strongly believed their leadership needed more Native American representation and spent nearly all of his time trying to contact local Native Americans, offering them a leadership position if they would come to Portland. The one thing they all agreed on was their economic model which consisted of just looting what they wanted from local stores. One member actually tried printing a crude form of currency, surviving examples of which would come to be prized collectibles for members of 4chan.

The Communists in San Francisco were a more difficult opponent because they had a small number of Chinese special ops troops augmenting the largely untrained “Red Militia” of local volunteers. The APR had been distributing leaflets and making threatening overtures to neighboring areas, demanding they submit. When American troops approached the mostly student militia members quickly either retreated or surrendered. Many retreating students were shot by Chinese soldiers as punishment. Though the Chinese elite troops killed and wounded several American soldiers, the fighting ultimately only lasted about a week. During their stay, Chinese troops had put up signs with Chinese characters and seized several local properties. There was some damage done to the city during the fierce downtown firefight, but overall casualties were fairly light.

New York was a tougher nut to crack, with UN and European troops present, American troops had to take a more cautious approach. Fighting for the city would last three weeks. In some areas, fierce fighting broke out as troops took back the city block by block. Pictures of UN troops destroying things in Trump tower and removing the Trump name went viral, and the city suffered immensely during the fighting. with food shortages and rampant crime. UN troops were continually weakened by a partisan movement of angry New Yorkers. The highly effective partisan movement backed by the NYPD would call itself the “Big Apple Minutemen” (or BAM as they would be more commonly referred to) and would prove a constant thorn in the side of the UN forces. The tide would turn with a brilliant amphibious invasion of New York Harbor devised by General Flynn which led to the collapse and surrender of the UN garrison. Upon its capture, the United Nations was permanently dissolved.

Though its navy was mortally wounded, China still possessed a massive army. It began launching artillery and rocket strikes on Japan and Korea. Ezra Cohen-Watnik had been planning for this war with China for years. As soon as hostilities broke out, he launched Operation Blue Dawn. Using contacts he had built over the years, pro-Democracy uprisings rose up in nearly half of China’s major cities. Chinese citizens waving American flags declared their independence from the tyrannical state. All of a sudden, it seemed the spell of the CCP was broken. Seeing things spiral out of control, Chinese generals that had secretly been aligned to the white hat cause arrested Chairman Xi and most of the top Communist Party leadership. A brief civil war broke out, but with the help of US Special Forces, the military and pro-Democracy forces prevailed. and after a period of military rule, the Federal Republic of China was born.

After the fall of China, Europe was in a precarious position. Its attempts to implement harsh lockdowns and wartime austerity measures were met by an exapserated population that didn’t even want to be at war with America. By the time China had fallen, several countries had experienced revolutions and declared their independence from the EU, the first of these was Italy. With its new ally, American troops were now stationed on the Russian border with Europe, ready to launch a reverse-Barbarossa against Frau Merkel’s Reich. Faced with an ultimatum of unconditional surrender, and a European populace in open revolt, Merkel would be found dead with a gunshot wound to the chest. It was officially considered a suicide but many historians are not so sure. Her replacement quickly moved to agree to the unconditional surrender.

And with that, the Third World War came to an end, though fighting would continue for years against communist gorillas in the mountain province of Yunan, China. The war would be short, and compared to previous World Wars, the butcher’s bill was very relatively light.Nonetheless, tens of thousands of people lost their lives, mostly in the European and Chinese uprisings. Donald Trump was viewed as an absolute hero and considered the great liberator of the world. After the war, and many hidden truths became revealed, America would unify behind the President to a degree not seen since George W. Bush immediately after 9/11. America was wounded but she had won, its people were ready for whatever came next. During the war, there had been a lot of rumors floating around about something called the Galactic Federation….

So, forgive my indulging in something different. As I mentioned, this isn’t meant to be a serious article, just a semi-plausible look at IF World War III broke out, how it might go. I didn’t get into the domestic or post-war side of things really, which I might do if this is popular. I still don’t think World War III is likely, I think the White Hats will find a way to prevent it but there are still some troubling signs. Pray for peace and the safety of President Trump and his team, and I will see you back on Neon’s little slice of heaven.

Mini-Article: The Coming End of the Republican and Democratic Parties

Two channels I like to watch as a barometer for how people are thinking outside our community are Tim Pool and Jimmy Dore. Tim Pool is the eternal well-meaning centrist normie and Dore is a great example of an honorable liberal, he has even been on the Tucker show a couple times.

He did a video today showing how blackpilled and exasperated he is with the Democrats. They can’t even pass a stimulus bill that actually helps out the huge number of Americans facing eviction when the eviction moratorium is up next year, but they will move heaven and earth to pass that defense spending bill that Trump says he will veto. The majority of the Progressive caucus even voted for it, despite including language that forbids a President from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and other countries. In the video Jimmy Dore appears completely defeated and without any hope for this corrupt party.

So its here that I once again feel a sense of awe at the genius of the movie we are watching. We in the Q community are well aware that Trump supporters are in open revolt against tthe Republican party. We are probably less aware that there are dissidents on the left that are in open revolt against the Democrats as well, on account of their slimy subservience to Wall Street, the DC elites, and the military-industrial complex. All of Biden’ s corrupt establishment appointees and the Democrats’ legislative priorities really were brilliant moves for waking up people on the left and softening the will of the ANTIFA types to fight for such a candidate. We have a lot of common ground with some of these people. When the time comes for both establishment Democrats and Republicans to face judgement, there will be men like Jimmy Dore supporting us in tearing down this rotten system.

The Great Lin Wood Mystery

OK friends, I think I managed to put the pieces together! I posted a few times about Lin Wood’s ominous posts talking about how the Deep State didn’t seem to care if they got caught and how they had much bigger plans than the mere election, remember these?

Then Lin made this post today, which I found to be extremely significant especially for referencing some of the war time measures Lincoln was forced to take such as marital law, tribunals, suspended habeas corpus, etc. It was surprising for a member of Trump’s public team to reference such things, even obliquely. But there is undoubtedly an important reason for him to tell us to study all four of these things. I think Bill Gates’ depopulation agenda is a reference to the Corona Virus and possibly the coming vaccine. George Soros and the Great Reset/New World Order is a reference to their ultimate plans of dystopian enslavement for humanity.

But the first item about Color Revolutions I think might be a very strong clue to his earlier warnings. So what are Color Revolutions exactly? The best way to think of them is Deep State-initiated regime change. Using their control of various public figures and private institutions, the Deep State create a crisis that leads to a mass uprising against a government that they wish to topple. These are used to remove inconvenient regimes or to just create chaos and instability. There have been many examples of such revolutions in recent decades, such as the uprisings we have seen in Eastern European countries as well as the so-called “Arab Spring”.

So, there has to be a pressing reason for Lin Wood to tell us to study these things and when we look at what a color revolution is all about, we can see how it could fit into his earlier warnings. In fact, the implication from his earlier posts is that the Color Revolution was ALWAYS the main priority. They NEVER had any serious plans of winning the election. They knew that any chance they had of beating Trump in a fair election would be extremely remote so they probably moved on from “OK, how do we beat Trump?” to “OK, how do we most thoroughly damage and discredit America?”. Their plans at this point are probably focused on how they can maintain control over their holdings in the rest of the world and prevent America from exporting its revolution to other countries.

So what is their plan in a nutshell? Try to fraudulently win the election,and if they pull it off somehow, great, but if not, they launch their Color Revolution operation. They first “prime the pump” of violent revolution with the BLM psyop so by the time Trump exposes our fraud, we have an army of violent and angry foot soldiers ready to prevent this “fascist white supremacist dictator” from overturning the will of the people.What proceeds is the largest uprising since the Civil War,with untold damage, cities burned, lives lost, the economy tanking, and America left with an appropriate parting gift for its treason to the New World Order. Just healing the wounds of this will take up much of the energy for Trump’s second term.

But remember what Lin Wood said, the President is ready. Just the fact that he is issuing these subtle warnings indicates that they know what the enemy’s plans are. I am confident Trump will be able to minimize these riots. Maybe it comes down to how infiltrated we know ANTIFA already is, maybe the Insurrection Act shutting things down before they get too bloody, maybe it will involve revealing the CIA’s crimes to the American people, maybe Trump has a secret plan that I can’t even conceive of. But if Lin Wood says the President is ready, I have every reason to believe him.

That said, things ARE still likely to get rough. This is potentially the Deep State’s last great offensive, their “Wacht Am Rhein”, their final, desperate throw of the dice. They will be going all in, there is probably no way that Trump can win this completely cleanly. On the other hand, this WILL help set the stage and create the right optics for the tribunals to occur. In fact, the reference to President Lincoln’s war-time measures could be considered a reference to this as I mentioned previously. So things are certainly not hopeless, in fact, I am certain we will win. But we will go through a “crucible” of sorts, as General Flynn described it. So pray for the President, pray for his team, and pray for the left! Pray that they can see through the media’s programming and that their hearts aren’t so consumed by hate for those who have different political beliefs than them.

Thanks for reading! I think Lin Wood was trying to lay out a roadmap of what to expect in the coming months with that recent post. We should consider his words carefully! I will mention that my subscriber count on Gab has crossed the 3k mark, that is so insane and surreal! Thank you all so much for your support. I will see you all on Neon’s little slice of heaven.

Mini-Post: The Coming Bill Barr Heel Turn?

Is there a Bill Barr heel turn coming? This video was tweeted out by Lin Wood and has been posted several times on Neon’s board. It is about an hour long but well worth your time. Perhaps the most interesting part comes from the interview with General Prather (which starts at about the 7:30 mark). The General makes two extremely interesting assertions. 1. That Ezra Cohen-Watnick is the lead figure behind Q. and 2. That Bill Barr is actually going to INDICT Ezra Cohen-Watnick. He never spells out what the indictment is for, but I think there is a strong chance that Cohen-Watnick would be indicted FOR being part of the Q Operation, maybe for leaking confidential information or something. Can you imagine the insanity in normie-land if one of the leading figures in the Department of Defense gets indicted for being Q, after being told for years that Q is just some conspiracy theorist prankster?

This could be disinfo from the General, but I could honestly see some advantage to this strategy. It finally reveals that Q was a legitimate intelligence dissemination operation and it would be huge for building public consensus on the need for tribunals. If the DOJ is widely seen to be hopelessly corrupt and compromised, even someone like Barr who was supposed to be Trump’s biggest ally according to the media, it would really cause a lot of normies to realize that the military is the only way to resolve this and would get a lot of new eyes on Q’s posts.

Sidney Powell’s Origin Story?

Well lads, I have been researching Sidney Powell this evening, that was how I found the weird “Toward the Great Awakening” book (which was a VERY interesting find!). She kind of came out of nowhere last year when she became Flynn’s attorney and starting doing interviews. Now, she is suddenly a household name and I wanted to figure out how she got caught up in all of this. I tried to find any references to her from before 2018, and found this 2015 book event. She is billed as a former federal prosecutor who had written a book about corrupt and illegal tactics used by other federal prosecutors and is giving a presentation to the Family Research Council.

Here are some highlights:

Starting at about the 13:30 minute mark she talks about “a corrupt cabal” of prosecutors running the government in “any number of areas” and even mentions by named Andrew Weismann from the Mueller investigation by name. The other two names she drops are Leslie Caldwell who, according to wikipedia, “was recruited by then-San Francisco US Attorney Robert S. Mueller III to head his efforts against white collar crime in Silicon Valley” and Matthew Friedrich, who was also a known Mueller associate and whose wife was the judge that presided over the case Mueller brought against a Russian company called Concord during the Russia investigation. Very weird we see these recurring characters, keep in mind this was in 2015!

Starting at about 18:50 she mentions that she learned years later that Andrew Weissmann and his crew were intentionally withholding exculpatory evidence. Where did we hear this before?

At 29:20 she mentions Lisa Monaco, who is currently one of Biden’s two candidates for Attorney General.

At 30:10 she again mentions the “corrupt cabal” and talks about efforts to get them disbarred by filing complaints and ethics violations and how in each case they are completely thrown out and ignored even when she provides thirty pages of citations.

At 33:40 she talks about how unfair the media is ignoring the book, the New York Times refuses to review it and she talks about all these different entities that “hate her guts”.

At 44:40 she mentions Operation Chokepoint which I recall being brought up recently in regards to shutting down undesired speech by cutting off their banking.She mentions writing an article about it and “Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Department”.

At 55:00 she talks about how distribution has been intentionally sabotaged, Amazon jerking her around, “I would never have thought our media was as controlled as it is.”

So, this book seems to be all about her time sparring against the corrupt federal prosecutors in the Enron Task Force. And guess who oversaw this Task Force? According to the FBI’s website, “Mr. Wray was a member of the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force, supervised the Enron Task Force”. That’s right, Christopher Wray! What are the odds?

I think we can see why she was drawn to the White Hat side, she was making some powerful enemies even back then! It is really amazing how ahead of its time this video felt, and how many recurring characters we see to this day is very striking. Thanks for reading and I will see you all on Neon’s little slice of heaven.

The Great Sidney Powell Mystery

The Sidney Powell plot twist we got tonight is so good! Out of the blue, it was announced that Sidney Powell is not and was never part of Trump’s legal team. Who is she representing? Who is her client? It reminds me of a plot twist out of classic 1990’s wrestling. “Who is the third man? Who is the higher power?”

Here’s what we do know. Powell, Flynn, and Wood, all posted responses about this, all of their posts had an strong sense of optimism and confidence but none of them shed much light on what was actually going on. Lin Wood’s was the best, he quoted Q by saying there were no coincidences and that their interests were aligned.

I posted earlier 3D3N’s assessment that she is representing the US military. Honestly, that would make a lot of sense. Remember, it was Powell who keeps talking about how it was the US Army that seized those servers in Germany. She also represents General Flynn, a high ranking General in the army. The fact that it was the Army rather than the DOJ or something seized those servers points to them having a direct involvement in this.

Imagine what it is going to look like to normies when they learn that the literal US Army is stepping in to try to stop election fraud. It is going to be absolute insanity! Moreover, think of what this means for the bad guys to see who they now have after them. This could be how it is revealed to the public that the military has been fighting a clandestine war the last four years.

The next couple weeks are going to be very interesting!

Update: I CALLED IT!!!

Update 2: He deleted it! It must have been VERY soon after posting it, fortunately user Hazel Tabby over on Gab took her own screenshot.

Mini Post: The End of the MSM

It seems like the next phase of permanently ending the MSM is really starting to take root. I posted yesterday about how Trump has not taken questions from reporters in 17 days and look at where all the good info is coming from now, OANN, Newsmax, various alt-media personalities. This is where Giullaini, Powell, Wood, and others are giving bombshell interviews.

I think when normies look back at this shocking event and see how wrong the MSM was but see how these other news sources were actually telling the truth weeks in advance of when they finally learned about it, it is going to turn some heads. The fact that Fox’s ratings are in absolute freefall (falling by more than 40% in some cases) really cements the fact that the MSM is going to be mortally wounded after this.

I also recomend all of my readers listen to this quick clip of an interview from Lin Wood, he talks about a Great Awakening and how people being charged for election fraud will also be charged in the cases like Epstein, Hunter’s laptop, Weiner’s Laptop, Durham’s probe, etc. It is really breathtaking in how it lays how all these plot points in the movie are converging into one massive climax.

America Will Be Unified Again

I am off work today and feeling motivated so I think I will get a new article cranked out. Things are continuing to heat up with the Election Fraud story, if you follow the Great Awakening group, you will see there is starting to be a LOT of interesting talk from the likes of Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, and Sidney Powell that point toward Trump winning a landslide victory. Newsmax reported about the US Army seizing some voting machine servers in Germany, which was referenced by Powell in one interview. Trump seems to be more and more confident, and in short, things seem to be going very well.

Q made a interesting post after ten days of silence. The implication, reading between the lines, seems to be that Trump WILL win, after all, Biden would never pass legislation aimed at stopping voter fraud. Here we see a return of the theme that people need to be shown, not told, which Q has told us about before.

So, my optimism for the election situation grows with each passing day. And there is an interesting phenomena where nearly everyone feels an electricity in the air. It is hard to describe, but the world just feels different, lighter. You see this in constant threads on 4chan talking about a “timeline shift” and there are even those on the left that felt something.

So, the Movie is certainly approaching its climax. In my article a “Tale of Two Timelines” I look at some more estoteric sources that confirm what Q told us about the 16 year plan the Deep State had. There is currently a huge push from the various corporations, politicians and institutions that are most responsible for the world being in the kind of shape it is in to undergo “A Great Reset”. As I have written in the past, there will be a Great Reset coming, but it will not have much in common with the one advocated by these Deep State entities.

I think we can see the branching paths here, the “dark side”, “service to self” path will be that of the Great Reset and it will involve complete Deep State control, transhumanism, and a total breakdown of traditional society into some kind of Cyberpunk dystopia. The “light side” or “service to others” path, which is the one I am certain we are on, will be that of the Great Awakening. It will involve a total reset of society but it will be aimed at society’s greatest good rather than the Deep State elites having the greatest degree of power.

So, we can see how the last four years have trained us all. Much has been written about how the Great Awakening has forged us into a decentralized intelligence agency. We now have a class of citizenry that is more informed and educated than at any other point in history. The Deep State’s gaslighting and manipulation tactics that worked for millennia have finally met their match, at least to a great extent. One thing I have seen less conversation about is how conservatives have become a lot more empathetic. I think dealing with never-ending hatred and venom from the media has led many conservatives to be a bit more shy about their beliefs. And as a result, I feel it has pushed conservatives towards more kindness and compassion. You certainly don’t see the kind of “people need to just pull themselves up by their bootstraps” kind of talk that you did in the GW Bush years. There is a sense that the world is a sad, broken place and we all need to work together if we are ever going to fix it. People who are suffering aren’t lazy slackers, but are victims of a sick and twisted system. There might still be the kind of “All I need are my rifles and ten thousand cans of baked beans, the rest of the world be damned” sort of LOLbertarian types, but they are not really a part of conservative discourse anymore.

So, what about the left? I do admit, as former leftist, I do still worry about my former “comrades” and wish for the best for them. I think they were being prepared for the coming years too, but in a different way and I think its when there is a synthesis of both sides that the Great Awakening will truly take full bloom.

This gets into some things I have written about before in my Faces and Heels article and into a recurring theory I repeatedly bring up that I call the Bernie Bro Redemption Arc. The basic gist is that I believe the White Hats are using the heelish left to plant the seeds of certain ideas that will make the left highly unpopular in the short term but actually are ideas that the white hats want to implement in a sane and competent way in the future and that Bernie Bros have more in common with us than the more mainstream left and want to completely tear down the system just as we do.

So what were the lessons of the left? Soon, they will learn that the people they spent four years attacking and villifying were actually working to save the world all along. The left was being taught that kindness and empathy are great virtues but they will see that they fell far short of what they preached. You can’t just just preach kindness but deny them to someone because of their political beliefs. Cutting friends and family members out of their lives for not having the “right” political beliefs did not make their lives any richer or happier.Hopefully they will soon take their actual stated ideals and apply what Mr. Rogers once taught us.

So, there will be some lessons that will prove humbling and will hopefully end the phenomena of insufferable smugness we see on the left. But I think once the Bernie Bro types turn on the establishment and realize Trump supporters were not the evil Nazis the media made us out to be, they will be valuable allies. There is a lot of talk on twitter about cancelling student debt, which is one of the actual good ideas in the Great Reset program. I was disappointed to see how many Conservative Inc types are against this, such as Mr. Bongino here.

Not even going into how, for practical purposes, removing student loan debt would get Trump a huge wave of Millennial supporters, but the whole idea that people should be in “debt” from pursuing education is just being stuck in the Deep State’s programing. The whole financial and economic system is a Deep State psy-op the whole way down. There absolutely IS a money fairy Mr. Bongino, and its called the Federal Reserve System. So, I think there are definitely some areas in terms of economic issues that the left will help steer us in the right direction on. I think the last four years have been training them to help us destroy the Deep State’s economic system when the time comes.

As I write this, I expect we will soon start learning about the first major bombshell evidence of election fraud within the next couple weeks and I think it is going to be the first step toward bringing this country together. There was an interesting twitter thread that talked about how President Trump doing so well in Deep Blue areas is what led to the fraud being escalated and made obvious.So we are starting to see the first signs that the country is truly coming together and its going to be beautiful.

I recommend you check out the whole thread, its a great read. I hope I will greet many Bernie Bros on our board soon. For now though lads, we need to keep holding the line. President Trump is going to win, we need all play our part. Gab has been growing at astronomical rate lately, in fact its perhaps been growing too fast considering all the technical problems we have been having lately, but its certainly a sign of the mass awakening we are going through. For now though, you can be sure I will see you all on Neon’s little slice of heaven.